Portadown Male Voice Choir


Welcome to the website of Portadown Male Voice Choir, the oldest Male Voice Choir in Ireland. To find out more read through the following pages, and if you are interested in joining us or booking the choir, you can do so on the contact us section.

President Edward Wilson CBEMessage from
the President

It is an honour and a privilege for me to be President of such a distinguished organisation as the Portadown Male Voice Choir and I am delighted to have this opportunity of adding my warmest congratulations to the Choir on the setting up of its new web site.

Portadown Male Voice Choir is the longest established such organisation in the whole island of Ireland and for 92 years it has not only provided joy and pleasure to countless thousands of people, but it has maintained the highest standards of music making through the darkest times. Participation in the Choir has given fulfilment to its members and enriched the wider community in so many ways. The Choir is well known throughout Ireland as a result of its successful participation in choral festivals over the years and has made its mark further afield with several overseas visits. Music making has enabled the Choir, through the generosity of its audiences, to contribute many thousands of pounds to deserving charitable causes.

Reaching and maintaining the highest musical standards  for which Portadown Male Voice Choir is so renowned does not come by accident.  I pay tribute for this to the dedication of the members, the work of its officer bearers and committee and above all to the remarkable talent and enthusiasm of its distinguished  musical director, Gordon Speers. I am delighted that the Choir goes from strength to strength. It continues to attract new members and always welcomes new ones so if you would like to join this marvellous musical fellowship, please do not hesitate to speak to any Choir member or contact us via this web site.

I wish Portadown Male Voice Choir continued success and thank them for providing so much pleasure to so many people.

Edward Wilson CBE

What a superb concert in Thomas Street Methodist Church on Saturday evening. The choir were magnificent and Peter Corry was brilliant. It was a real treat to watch and listen to a total professional. Thanks to Eddie Drury for inviting us and delighted much needed church repair funds were boosted. ...

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As many of you may be aware UTV are airing a four part series called City of Song based on the Choral Festival in St. Columbs Hall, Londonderry. I believe you may spot PMVC in tonight’s episode at 8pm. Please Share! ...

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Don’t forget about this amazing concert on Friday night. Tickets are £10 and are available Moira Parish Centre. ...

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A very happy birthday today to our wonderful Bass singer, Bob Johnston. Bob has been instrumental in organising the concert on 21/09/2018 for Alzheimer’s Society in Moira Parish Centre. Please come and support this wonderful charity and enjoy a musical treat. Tickets £10. ...

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Dr John Adams who became the new Choir Chairman at the PMVC AGM. ...

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